Simba Telecom

Simba Telecom
Having been established over 20 years ago, Simba Telecom Limited is the biggest mobile phone retailer with over 100 outlets in East Africa.
Client: Simba Telecom
Our Role: Web Design Social Media Marketing, Branding, Profile
Tags: Branding, Photo, Digital

Our works

Our work with Simba Telecom has spanned over 4 years now, across Web design (eCommerce web management), branding, marketing, social media, brand photography and strategy.

eCommerce Web – Design

You guys have done well over the years, I acknowledge your hard-work & creativity.
Flora Bitature – C.E.O Simba Telecom

Company Profile

Together we’ve created immersive experiences online, relaying branded content across social channels, creating an eCommerce website & crafting a well designed company profile that gives you a quick look in to what Simba Telecom is as a company.